Afrobella & Afrodelik

This past weekend was a busy one for natural hair enthusiasts in Toronto.  There were several big events that took place centered around the care and beauty of black women’s naturally curly/kinky/locked/twisted/etc. hair.  If you follow blogs and Youtube videos on this topic then you know that one of the most well known beauty bloggers out there is Patrice Grell Yursik better known as Afrobella.  I had a fun shoot with Patrice and Afrodelik designs during her visit to Toronto.  More photos will be out soon on the Afrodelik site.  It was a pleasure working with these ladies… Oh, and Afrobella said she loved my hair (wheee!!!)

Anne-Marie and Luvvie, always working!

Afrodelik jewellery.

Amanda Tacus (makeup artist), Desiree Marshall (, Me (, Anne-Marie Collymore (, Patrice (, Luvvie (


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